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We are glad to present to you the JewWish Project.
What do we usually dream about? Money? Success? Appreciation? Travelling?
As a general rule, it is much simpler. People dream about finding someone to share all these joys of life with.
We offer you our help in your search for this very unique person with whom you would like to share your life with and spend the eternity together.

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JewWish has many advantages over other dating services:

  • participation in our project is free of charge

  • we guarantee that all the participants are Halachic Jews (on the mother’s side) and the documents supporting their Jewish ancestry have been checked

  • all the matches are carefully selected by your individual coordinator, who takes into consideration all your desires

  • we avoid sending spam

  • we do not give access to all our database; thus, no one would learn that you are using our service

  • getting a date in JewWish is just as easy as liking a photo on Instagram

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